Tax returns for Businesses including companies, trusts, sole traders and partnership

Taxes in Australia are managed and collected by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Companies can save money through payment of the correct amount of tax payable on the due date. Also, they can take benefit of tax concessions on which they are entitled to.

The critical taxes that companies including trusts, sole traders, and partnerships are income tax, Capital Gain Tax (CGT), and the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Payroll taxes and Fringe Benefits Tax.

For our corporate clients, Glorious Business Advisors and Tax Consultants specializes in all the above-mentioned taxes apart from superannuation and fringe benefits tax. We have comprehensive knowledge about the applicable tax laws along with the rates. We ensure that our clients take full advantage of their available deductions.

Summary to What We Offer

Company Tax
Every resident company in Australia is subject to corporate tax. We provide company tax services to our resident clients.

Capital Gain Tax (CGT)
CGT is applied when a company made gain by disposing-off its assets. Businesses including small businesses might be eligible for CGT concessions under specific circumstances.

We provide comprehensive guidance to our clients regarding CGT tax and deductions.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
GST is a consumer tax on goods and services sold around Australia. We assist our clients in gaining eligible GST concessions.

Payroll Tax
We assist our clients in calculating their amount of wages paid per month and the tax they have to pay on the amount exceeding the threshold is to be paid by the company. It also includes superannuation and FBT.