Business Advisory Services

While we provide peace of mind by taking care of accounting and taxation matters, our prominent feature is that we address your business challenges.

Glorious Business Advisors and Tax Consultants uncover business opportunities through the development of an understanding of your ambitions and challenges. We take a proactive approach to tackle all your facets related to business. Through offering fresh perspectives and insights in combination with pragmatic solutions, we enable you to make crucial decisions with confidence.

Business Planning

You may have an idea to strengthen your success, but is that idea good for your business? Your company is doing fine, can it be the finest? You are facing difficulty in the company’s financial matters, can you turn it around?

The answers to all the above questions are YES. Provided you get the right adviser like us.

Glorious Business Advisors and Tax Consultants advises our clients on the best structure. The structure can be:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Trust
  • Offshore
  • Onshore
  • Distributed
  • Centralized

We can structure and plan all your phases of startup, growth, and maturity.

Our Business Advisory Services Include but not limited to:

  • Changing business structures to form new ones
  • Preparation of budgets and cash flow forecast
  • Forecasted Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • SWOT analysis
  • A graph that tells how you performed on key success factors.