GST/BAS Returns

As a business, you have to file and pay GST and claim GST credits through lodging an annual GST return or Business Activity Statement (BAS).

Australian Tax Office (ATO) issue a business activity statement to the registered companies two weeks before the end of the reporting period. For GST return, the period is three months. The activity statement depicts the date for paying and lodging a tax return.

BAS are lodged electronically and Glorious Business Advisors and Tax Consultants helps its clients to lodge the same. We help to report their GST to the ATO. To avoid any sort of penalty, you must lodge your return on time. We can help you if you are facing difficulty. We also make payment plans for our clients.

Lodge Return Online

Lodging your quarterly BAS online makes you eligible to get the concession. The concession gives you an extra two weeks for lodging and paying your tax.

We assist our clients in lodging their GST return via following portals:

Online Services through MyGov

For sole traders and individuals.

Business Portal

ATO website used for management of your corporate tax affairs

SBR-enabled Software

It allows you direct lodgment from payroll, accounting or financial software.
We assist you by communicating the notification from ATO. Through the notification, you ensure that your BAS is available and contact details are up-to-date.